LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Impress potential employers with a Professional LinkedIn Profile. Over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as the platform to search for talent! An optimized profile ranks higher in LinkedIn searches by recruiters and hiring managers, resulting in more job opportunities.

Optimized LinkedIn = More Job Opportunities

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It’s time to transform your under-performing LinkedIn profile into a powerful career tool that spotlights your skills and experiences and impresses your network of connections, builds your brand, and helps you achieve your goals.

We will work with you to create a LinkedIn profile that presents you as a polished professional. The service includes content creation, unique design, keyword optimization and strategic recommendations on how to effectively utilize the platform.

Your Professional LinkedIn profile is strategically written to tell your story powerfully and effectively.

Embedded in the content are highly targeted keywords that increase your chances of being discovered by employers.
Most professionals don’t know that LinkedIn works just like Google. That means, profiles with targeted keywords have a competitive advantage because they rank higher than the rest.