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Sample Marketing Specialist

Working as a contractor in the Marketing industry for over 10 years Lana was looking to secure a permanent position. Despite her wide-ranging expertise, her resume failed to capture her transferable executive skills, her essence, and most important, the value she could bring to an Executive level role. Lana purchased our Premium (LinkedIn) package – Professional Branded Resume, Strategic Cover Letter, LinkedIn Optimization, Thank You Letter and a Follow-up Letter, and in less than 2 months Lana, with the help of our executive resume writing service assumed the title of a CMO with a large Canadian company. “As soon I saw my new portfolio, I knew I will get what I wanted. It was perfect, neatly and professional presented and I knew it would “sell” me. It gave me a lot of confidence and it made me believe in my own abilities which were now so neatly presented on paper and on my LinkedIn page.”

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