The Number ONE Secret To Writing A Resume That Gets Read

Did you know Hiring Managers spend just 7 seconds on your resume before deciding to move on?

Seven seconds is all you get to show the Hiring Manager it’s worth their time to keep reading. If beating ATS technology is your first battle, then passing the “7-second test” is your second.

Luckily, there is one critical factor that separates resumes that get read – from those that don’t:

Your opening statement.

The opening lines of your resume make up the most important real estate on the page. They are the first sentences that get read – and may be the only sentences that get read if you don’t choose your words carefully.

Resumes that are instantly skipped over are those that open with an objective statement. Objective statements have fallen out of favor because it focuses more on you than the company. If you want to make a good first impression, the company must be the star.

Instead of revealing what you hope to gain from the company, use those precious sentences to express how you will add value to the organization. Hiring Managers want to interview candidates that understand their company and what it may need. They also want to get a sense of your personality and your strengths.

Your unique value, personality and strengths are all part of your professional brand. Do not make the mistake of letting the Hiring Manager decide what your brand is. Take control over your branding by opening your resume with a Professional Branding Paragraph.

A Professional Branding Paragraph is our number one secret to writing 900+ resumes that get interviews.

What is a Branding Paragraph?

An effective Branding Paragraph consciously communicates the essence of who you are in the workplace.

In strategically chosen words, it explains how your activities yield real, measurable results for your employers. It also reveals where your career has taken you – and where you plan to go. All of this helps Hiring Managers determine if you might be the right fit for the company.

Very few professionals use a Branding Paragraph effectively – if at all. Yet, it is absolutely essential to set yourself apart from the competition and invite the Hiring Manager to keep reading your resume.

Would you like to create your own professional Branding Paragraph?

Not sure where to start?

Many of our clients have trouble writing about themselves. They find it difficult to identify their biggest strengths and unique value.

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