Why is it Important to Have a Professionally Branded Resume in Your Job Search

Not long ago a resume was nothing more than a bland document that simply outlined past work and experiences, and was used to have on hand during the interview process.

As long as you had the desired relevant experience and education you were given that interview, and most likely, that position. However, nowadays, a resume is a requirement when applying for almost any position, and having the required education and experience does not promise anything (considering there are more prospects to choose from and dozens of resumes to go through).

Regardless of whether it is your dream career, your first job, or something new you need to sell yourself as the best in order to get that position you are applying for and that is where having a professionally branded resume comes into play. Having a resume is one thing, but having one that is professionally branded to you is another (and it is extremely important).

So why a resume that is professionally branded?

Impressions Are Everything

When your resume comes across a potential employer’s desk it is often the first impression they have of you; therefore, your resume needs to make a favourable impression. Without a favourable impression, any consideration that may have been present will diminish and the hiring individual will move on to other candidates. A professionally branded resume

Makes your resume (and you) appealing: Appearances are everything and having a distinctive and professional design for your resume will not only make you stand out amongst the hundreds of other resumes and easily conveys your experience, but it also gives the impression of who you are – a hard working and professional individual.

It Is Your Key Marketing Tool

As mentioned before, having the required education and experience is only part of the process to securing a job. It does not promise anything for there are more prospects to choose from and dozens of resumes to go through. A part of having a resume that gives off a favourable impression is its ability to be as compelling and appealing verbally as it is visually. It is more than just a document that outlines your background, skills, education, etc. it is a tool that markets you and your capabilities, and how they can contribute to a company’s success. A professionally branded resume will

Make it so your resume relays your message/brand. Focusing more on how your resume is written rather than what is included is very important. The tone of voice used conveys who you are and what you stand for and it should be consistent throughout your resume. A successful resume establishes your personal brand and markets who you are to targeted employers. Your brand captures your career identity, authenticity, passion, essence, and image; your experiences are the results to match.

It Gets You An Interview

Most recruiters/hiring managers spend 10-20 seconds on a resume to determine whether the individual is good enough to be given the opportunity for an interview. They have never met you and they do not know who you are, so your resume (and perhaps a reference from a colleague) is all they have. You have to make sure that the time they spend on your resume is beneficial in your favour. When you have a professionally branded resume it

Gives the hiring individual the chance to get to know you and the sense you deserve an interview. When your resume is well written, markets your capabilities, and gives a great and clear impression of who you are (i.e. personally branded) THAT is how you land an interview.

Although there are various online platforms that can outline your professional experience your resume is something that will always be valid and needed. It will not only pique the recruiter’s interest, but also it will convey that you are qualified and demonstrate your suitability. It does not leave the hiring individual guessing, it leaves them wanting to meet you to know more. You would not necessarily go into an interview wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt would you? So you should not be giving out a lacking resume!

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